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Computer Technology Experience

Hello and welcome to Gold Media Consulting formerly known as wmSEOconsulting. I am Mike Henderson, a Website and Digital Online Marketing Consultant.

I am not an Agency or Company, I am a freelance front end Web Designer and Google local SEO Marketer. I am a Computer Technology Consultant located in South Ozone Park in Queens, NY. I have close to 20 years of experience in the computer repair, web design and technology world. 

Some 8 years ago after having paid this, that and the other Digital Marketer to do SEO Services for my site and not getting the results I was promised, I decided to go learn this field inside out so I can do it for myself. This is how I got started in SEO and Digital Marketing.

Today, I understand that there are no guarantees in this business as no one owns Google but Google so I don’t make guarantees for anything. I tell people the brutal truth and let them decide if SEO or any other form of Marketing might help their business. So I do not take every job which comes my way,

If after doing initial competent research on a business type and considering the budget of the business owner I should see it would be a waste of money and time for the business owner, I will tell them the sad truth. I will in that event still try to find some workaround for them or try to be of help in any way that I possible can.

Attention To Detail

Aside from providing Consulting services, if anyone should want to hire me to physically provide any Web Development or Marketing services, I can do this too.

I belong to a network of experienced professional Web Developers [Programmers], logo and flyer designers who work together with me remotely whenever needed for any part of a project with myself being the Project Manager. So you can get the same services as with any Digital Marketing Agency or Web Design Company.

My network of professional’s creative talents will give you what you need as we are up to date with most modern technologies but this does not mean in any way that our prices are high, as a matter of fact, we will rival any Company who provides the same quality services as we do!

Also, one should note that we provide only quality services and we try to work with everyone’s budget. We take our job seriously, we pay attention to detail and provide the best service that we possibly can for the business owner treating the business as if it is our very own.

So we want the project to succeed both for our own satisfaction knowing we are able to help a business succeed and also to give  business owners the best value for their hard earned money.

The Best References

PLEASE NOTE that you can visit me at my Home Office in Queens NY on any pre-arranged day and time. Since in this business “trust” is a key issue, I can easily provide beforehand great business and character references from other Professionals in the Industry who can be contacted by either phone or email who will vouch for my honesty, reliability and professionalism.

As far as references go, I have many reviews for the different services I provide, aside from the Google reviews for these services showing on the HOME page here on this site you can also view my Testimonials page on my older Computer Repair site to see REAL true reviews as posted on Angie’s List by past customers and also my google reviews on that HOME page for computer repairs..

All in all, my real reviews collectively from all of these different sources should show you the type of worker that I am.

I can always provide upon request THE BEST character and professional references from both customers and professionals in the industry for web design, remote work and SEO Services.

I take great pride in my work and reputation for after project service and support. You will always be able to speak to me personally on any given day and time during working hours if ever needed.

Payment and Warranty info!

Everything I do comes with some form of warranty, if you should so desire so you can have security for your project or for any of my services by making payment with credit card via PayPal. I have an account in good standing with them and of course you will have BOTH your credit card and PayPal’s buyer protection so you can feel confident you will have protection for any of the services  I provide.

I can first send you a Paypal invoice laying out the terms and conditions of the project for you to go over and discuss with me for any adjusting before starting the project. I never accept FULL payment before a project is complete, only after the business owner is fully satisfied and agrees the project is complete then the final payment will be due so you get security for your money! You also have the option to make payment by cash, check or Money Order, whatever will be most comfortable for you.

Outstanding Service! 

What I think separates me from the competition is my attention to detail, commitment to providing exactly what the customer wants, my reliability and dependability and most of all my very efficient after-project support. I do NOT abandon the customer and you will never have a hard time finding me personally, I will ALWAYS be there when you need me.

My phone support hours are officially usually Sunday-Fri 9am to 7pm and on Saturdays between the hours of 10.30am to 4pm, if I am not available by phone after official working hours then I can still be reached by email and I will always respond to emails within 24 hours. 

Please feel free to contact me now with any queries, my initial consultation is absolutely FREE!! Thank you.