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Get Your Digital Business Card or Digital Contact Card today!

As the business world increasingly goes digital, businesses are finding that they need to adopt new methods to stay ahead of the curve to get more potential clients and one such method is the use of a digital business card or referred to by some as digital visiting cards.

Step into the future! Digital business cards for businesses or a personalized digital contact card for the individual is the modern way to share contact information in this digital age.

In this article we will show you both sides of the coin, the advantages and disadvantages of having a digital business card or digital contacts card so you can make your own decision.

What are digital business cards?

Digital business cards are an electronic version of traditional paper business cards sometimes referred to as electronic business cards or e-business cards. They contain the same information as a regular business card, such as contact information, phone number, job title, company name, company logo, email address and more but in a digital format. Digital business cards are typically shared through email, text message, or via a specialized mobile app such as Contacts+. This makes it an easy way for people to quickly and easily exchange contact information than it is with traditional paper physical business cards.

Digital business cards often come with more features than physical cards, such as the ability to add an email signature, a photo, additional contact information, a link to a website or social media profile, payment option [Venmo, Zelle e.t.c] or even an embedded video or PDF. This allows digital business cards to serve as an effective digital marketing tool and with an easy to use interface.

To me it’s like having a condensed mini version of a Website’s landing page where you see the most important aspects of a business or person’s info.

What is a personalized digital Contact card?

Personalized digital contact cards is more suitable for personal use. You can create your own custom designed digital contact card to send to any friend, relative or anyone in general. 

Impress anyone in your contacts with a very stylish modern custom designed card like what you see below. you can be creative and add your own images or quotes or signatures to stand out from everyone else, believe it, you will impress people!

How do you share electronic digital cards?

Simple. After your digital card is created you will a link. You simply copy and send that link to anyone which can then click on that link and they will see your card design. Digital business cards or personal digital contact cards can be shared in various ways such as through email, text messages, via a specialized app or via anyone of those options show in this image below.

The person who receives the card can then simply click on the “Add to Contact” button to store your contact information digitally, either on their own device or in their email or messaging program.

They can also use QR codes or Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to store the card without having to type in all the contact details. This makes it much easier for people to save your contact details and access them whenever they need them.

They are compatible with all modern Smartphones both Apple and Android.

Showing the different editable parts of a digital contact card

The benefits of digital business cards


  • Contactless – No risk Germ-Free. No need to worry about contracting or spreading anything 
  • Share your card EASILY with anyone near or far via text or email  
  • No App needed for anyone to send or receive  
  • Can create your own customized unique stylish design or use ours 
  • For Businesses – No need to keep paying for new physical cards as card can be edited anytime 
  • – Can create different cards for different purposes [Customers, Work, friends] 
  • – Customize to suit your business/brand 
  • For the individual – Impress your friends, relatives or anyone with your own custom digital contact card

For people who want to make a great first impression, there are many advantages to using digital business cards instead of traditional paper cards. Digital business cards are much more cost-effective than paper cards and you can create multiple versions for different purposes. They’re also more efficient as it’s easier and faster to share digital cards than it is to physically exchange paper cards. Additionally, digital cards are more environmentally friendly than paper cards.

This makes it easier for people to quickly learn more about your business. Additionally, digital cards can be designed to be interactive and engaging, allowing you to create something with your own custom design that stands out and makes an impression on potential customers or business partners.

The best part and another great benefit of having a digital business card is we can edit any of the info in your digital card at any time in the future. What usually happens when you need to edit or update any new contact information or edit any basic contact information on a physical card? You have to throw them out [wasting money] and get new cards, right?

Digital business cards are completely customizable, and you can share your card with anyone—no app is required to receive a card. Also you can have your own design or we can put forward our own design for you, whatever you wish.

These cards are not only beneficial for businesses, the average person can also send their custom designed cards to their friends which they can save in their online address books so they can have quick access to it whenever needed.

There is no monthly subscription for anything when you purchase contactless digital business cards from us.

Are there any disadvantages to using digital cards?

When used correctly, digital business cards can be a cost-effective tool which can also help in building brand identity. That said, there are some potential downsides to consider. Firstly, not everyone is familiar with how to create, view and share digital business cards especially the non-tech-savvy individuals. This means that some people might find it difficult to use your card.

Additionally, some people may prefer to receive a physical card, as it makes them feel more confident in the person and company they are dealing with. This means that there is still a need for paper cards “in some cases”.

What are NFC Cards?

NFC cards is another related option in making transferring of contact info much easier and more efficient. Near field communication (also known as NFC) enables two electronic devices to communicate with each other. For example, an NFC card and a card reader will engage with each other, with a read range of around 4cm offering more flexibility in the field than a contact card.

Smart devices have become incredibly popular in recent years. And the more we can use smart devices to engage with our surroundings, the more powerful they become. NFC Technology or Near-field communication (NFC) is one of the components that enables devices to interact with each other and exchange data wirelessly.

Imagine having an NFC digital card which is around the same size of a credit card. You run into someone somewhere and wish to share your digital business card info with that person. You can simply tap that persons phone with your card in the same way as you would do with other Apps like Apple Wallet or Google Wallet and boom, your info is stored on that person’s phone.

There is a disadvantage to this though as NFC Cards will only work with compatible more recent phones which has the technology to match. This is why the Digital Business Card is the best option.


A physical NFC Card laying on a computer keyboard

Can digital business cards help your business?

Yes, Digital business cards are absolutely worth it and it’s key features can help your business in a variety of ways. These virtual networking tools can help you maximize your networking efforts in a contactless, cost-effective, and eco-friendly manner.

Firstly, they can help you cut costs and become more efficient. Digital cards are much more cost-effective than paper cards and are a faster and more efficient way to share contact information. Additionally, digital business cards can help you make a strong first impression and can be very useful for you when at a networking event like at a trade show or similar but they are not only for in-person meetings, they can be used for online networking and virtual events too!

As digital cards can include links to your website, email signature, and more, it makes it simpler for potential customers or business partners to quickly learn more about you and your company.

Finally, digital business cards can be a powerful digital marketing tool. You can add interactive features to digital cards that make them more engaging, and you can track how often cards are being viewed or shared, enabling you to understand what works and what doesn’t but you will need a subscription plan for this feature.

Why get your digital business cards from us?

First give us a call then we will need to know if you want to have your own design on the card or a unique design of ours or maybe wish to have yours done then compare with one of our designs then decide on which you will prefer.

After you are fully satisfied with your card then you can make the payment which can be paid via PayPal, Zelle or Venmo, we will then email your digital business card or personalized digital contact card to you.

You won’t ever have to worry if and whenever you might decide to edit any info on your card in the future as we boast having among the best customer services you will find anywhere!

The Bottom Line

The Digital business card is a great tool, the perfect choice and a great way for businesses to stay up to date in this digital age and should be included in your business plan. They’re much more cost-effective and efficient than traditional paper cards and can be a powerful digital marketing tool. They’re also easier to store, share, and can include more and better information that can help make a strong first impression.

So if you’re looking for a way to stand out from the competition and gain more prospective clients, digital business cards along with it’s ease of use is definitely worth considering with the end goal being to increase your business! Please feel free to contact us with any questions whatsoever and please check out our other services which can help your business grow! We also offer the best customer service.