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WordPress Website Maintenance

This is the era of advanced technology, in which digital platforms such as websites play a major role in your business. WordPress is one of the powerful tools for websites, where you can easily design and create your website and enhance your digital business but you will need to do regular WordPress website maintenance to keep your site running smoothly.

But lots of people are facing issues in their website maintenance and can’t find a reliable solution for this problem. Are you one of those people who want to know about WordPress website maintenance? If yes, then you are in the right place where you can find your problem solution easily.

Various people around the world are facing slow WordPress sites after they launched it, there are multiple reasons behind this issue and here you will know how you can improve your WordPress website speed. Keep reading to find the depth details of the solutions for the WordPress website maintenance.

What is the process of WordPress website maintenance?

It is a powerful and effective process that requires you to perform multiple tasks, which will help you to fully optimize your desired website. With the help of this process, it makes sure that your WordPress website is secure and running smoothly. If you don’t give time to maintain your WordPress website then your site will slow down and maybe you can lose your worthy customers in return.

So, it’s good for you that make a proper plan to check the maintenance of your WordPress site after a specific period. There is a various checklist of WordPress maintenance, which especially includes specific tasks such as fixing the broken links in your site, deleting or removing the out-of-date plugins, upgrading or updating your WordPress, and much more.

Keep in mind that maintenance of your WordPress website should be your top priority after successfully launching your website because through this step your website speed will be enhanced and perform fast.

Why is WordPress website maintenance necessary?

WordPress is one of the most powerful and user-friendly Content Management systems. The reason behind its popularity is its high-quality and effective user services. As you know WordPress is the only platform that everyone prefers to use for their websites because of its easy and helpful features. The working of WordPress while creating your desired websites is easy to use for everyone, and it doesn’t require you to be an expert in site development.

This platform is a combination of different tools such as plugins, themes, content, and media files. But keep in mind that only a WordPress site is nothing for your digital business, without hosting you will not run or publish your website on any online servers. So, WordPress also offers the best hosting to run your WordPress website online easily.

WordPress site maintenance is mandatory for every site owner because through this step your desired site will run smoothly and your audience/customers will not face any problems while using your WordPress sites.

So, this is a must step that you don’t need to ignore if you want to enhance your digital business because running a whole WordPress website is just like running a company. You need to make sure that your WordPress site maintenance is tested on regular basis.

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What are the benefits of WordPress website maintenance?

There are multiple benefits of WordPress site maintenance, but some of them are listed as:

Better website and security

The worst thing which website owners faced is hacking their site and this happens across every region of the world. But with site maintenance, you can easily ensure your WordPress website security and avoid hacking your site. Or see here If you should need a new website design or redesign.

Search Engine Optimization

If you want that your WordPress website will rank on every Search Engine, then you must need to maintain your site. Keep in mind that if you don’t maintain your site, then search engines don’t give preference to outdated websites. Please see here for our SEO services.

Improved Conversion Rate

As you know that if you don’t maintain your site then it will reduce the loading speed of your website and no one wants to waste their time on long loading sites. So make sure that your site conversion is high and this is only possible when you work on the maintenance of your site.

Enhance or Grow your digital business

In an online business, you need to make a strategy for your website for a long-term commitment. But when you don’t maintain your complete website then it will surely harm your business in many ways. So, if you are one of those people who want to grow your digital business, then the maintenance of your website is a must thing which you need to do on regular basis.

Measure Website Performance

When you work on the maintenance of your website, then it will give you an idea about your site performance. If there are any mistakes or problems in your site, then you can easily make a plan to enhance the overall performance of your website.

How you can easily work on your WordPress Website Maintenance

Maintaining your website is not an easy task for anyone, but with the following simple points, you can maintain any WordPress website, which enhances your business sales and growth.

1. Backup your website

Regular backup of your WordPress website is one of the powerful and effective techniques, which can maintain your website and enhance the speed of your site loading. When you create a backup of your website, then you can easily recover your data or website from any bad incident such as hacking.

When you have a backup of your site in safe storage, then anytime you can restore the previous version of your site, with a smooth running site. Keep in mind that in the backup of your site, you need to include the database and core files of your site.

2. Update Software

You need to make sure that your WordPress CMS, plugins, and themes are updated on the regular basis. It’s best for you and also for your digital business to using the updated features of WordPress plugins and themes because WordPress plugins and themes are updated with a better and more powerful security system. So, when you updated your software then it will enhance your site security.

3. Optimize WordPress Database

After specific time WordPress databases end up storing a unique amount of redundant data. After a regular interval of time, you need to optimize your site database. If you don’t work on this step, then unnecessary data will increase the size of your website, and then it will reduce the speed of your website, which will harm your business.

For better performance of your WordPress website, you need to optimize your all website data. There are also different things that you don’t want to use on your website, then you need to remove them such as plugins, media files, and theme files.

4. Performance Test

For the smooth speed of your website, you need to run performance tests regularly or on weekly basis. Most people do the same mistake which is that they run a performance test at the start of their website, and then never repeat the process. As you know, after some time you need to add new content to your site and upgrade the software, all these actions will surely impact the performance of your site.

So, it is a must for you to check the performance test on your desired WordPress website. You need to repeat the performance test every month. After checking the report of the performance tests, you can improve the site performance in many ways. Google Speed Test is the best tool for you to check the performance of your WordPress website.

5. Change passwords

Changing passwords of your WordPress website is a must thing which you need to do, after every month. If you have a weak password then your website’s chances of the hacked are increasing.

So, make sure that you have a strong password for your WordPress website and also you need to change all the passwords of your site every month. When you work on this step, then you can easily avoid hacking.

6. Fix Broken Links

Adding external links to your WordPress website is a powerful practice of SEO. But it is also necessary for you to check whether these external links are working or not. So, you need to check after a specific period that if there is any broken link in your WordPress website, then you need to fix them.

What are the monthly WordPress website maintenance packages?

We have a team of experts and professionals members who can easily maintain your WordPress website. You can save huge bucks by getting our “quality” WordPress website maintenance packages. There are three packages of WordPress website maintenance, and you can choose the package according to your desire.

1: Basic Package

This package includes all the basic features, which can enhance your website performance. This package will cost you only $125. The features of this package are listed:

  • Analyze website performance [Site Audit]
  • Test website forms
  • Test order process [If you have an commerce site]
  • Test website speed
  • 2-5 days turnaround time
  • Link repairing [Fixing broken links]
  • Domain/hosting/Email support
  • Monthly site backup
  • Update Themes and Plugins

2. Pro Package

This is the all-time best WordPress website maintenance package in which you will get more features than the basic package. This package will cost you only $350. The features of the pro package are listed as:

  • Weekly backup
  • Consulting requests
  • Powerful and user-friendly form creation
  • Script installations
  • PHP scripting help
  • CMS Support
  • Moderate comments
  • Check Social Media links

3. Premium Package

This package includes all the Pro Package features which will enhance your website performance and also it will backup your site daily which is helpful for your digital business. This package will cost you only $700. The features of the premium package are listed:

  • Update your website content
  • Daily Backup
  • Schedule User Testing
  • Powerful and attractive form creation
  • Script installations
  • Server Support
  • PHP Scripting Help
  • CMS Support
  • E-commerce Site Support
  • SEO Work**
  • Coding
  • Graphic Design

What are the main causes of WordPress 404 and 500 internal server errors?

Keep in mind that internal server error is not specific to the WordPress site. This is the generic nature of the error that can happen in any website running on an online server. The main reason behind especially WordPress 404 and 500 internal server errors can be an outdated plugin or other theme functions.

Also, there are other reasons which cause internal server errors in your WordPress website such as PHP memory limit, and corrupted files of .htaccess. Now, let’s get information that how you can troubleshoot the WordPress internal server error.

How you can fix WordPress 404 and 500 internal server errors?

The below three steps will help you to solve the internal server error in your WordPress:

1. Re-Uploading the Overall Core Files

When you are facing a 404 or 500 internal server error in your WordPress website, then you need to re-upload the wp-includes and wp-admin folder and you need to do it from a fresh installation of WordPress. Keep in mind that this step of troubleshooting will not remove or delete your information, but it can remove those files which are corrupted. 

2. Increase PHP Memory Limit

Sometimes internal server error in WordPress websites happens because of the exhausting PHP memory limit. You can increase the memory limit of your WordPress website by the below steps:

  • Create a file and name it a php.ini
  • Paste this overall code in memory=64MB
  • Save the file
  • Then upload your new file into the /wp/admin/ and keep in mind of using FTP.

3. Deactivate All the Plugins

Plugins are also the cause of internal server errors in your WordPress websites, and this is happen because multiple combinations of different plugins are not matched with each other. All you need to do is deactivate all your WordPress plugins at once. You only need to go to the admin area of your WordPress, and there you need to click on the plugins option and deactivate them.


If you want that your website will run smoothly and give you a high loading speed, then make sure that you are regularly working on the WordPress Website Maintenance. With this step, you can bring more customers around every region of the world and it will enhance your revenue.

Also, from the above information of the different packages of WordPress maintenance services and these prices are affordable for you. Also, there are multiple solutions for internal server errors on your WordPress website, which you can easily troubleshoot. Maintaining your WordPress website will improve the performance of your site as well as it will get more organic traffic.

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